workshop series

the mind of a leader

Self-management, creativity and agile responsiveness are key attributes for leaders. Easy said - not always easy done when challenge and performance stress set in.

How we lead ourselves and others depends on our own mental and emotional resilience in any situation. It requires true perspective, and the courage for open communication.


In this exclusive up-close-and-personal 2-day retreat we address the psychology of modern leadership, inter-personal dynamics and the wellbeing, personal confidence and performance resilience that is necessary to lead and impact team and organization. 

the curious art of improv

A workshop experience for speakers, negotiators and other homo sapiens (Lat. wise man), who want to master advanced communication practices.

what you will achieve

  • Elevate your communication excellence
  • Handle complex negotiations, challenging dialogue and important meetings 

  • Stay connected, focused and compassionate in any situation 

  • Inspire more engagement and collaboration in others

  • Deliver charismatic sales- and ideation pitches 

  • Manage your emotional mojo during stressful encounters

deliver your presentation

Deliver powerful presentations on-stage, in the conference room or online. Build speaker confidence, master stage fright and increase focus,  charisma, and the connection to your audience.

  • train body language, rhythm and voice 

  • structure your presentation for clarity, impact and memorability

  • Stay authentic and responsive: your presentation is a conversation with your audience

  • develop storytelling techniques and increase audience engagement and attention

  • Build and deliver your elevator pitch


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